Week-end in Edinburgh & “Outlander tour”

As one of the oldest cities in the world, the old and new towns of Edinburgh has a lot to offer to the tourists. Not only this, but Edinburgh is surrounded by some treasured historic sites of the region. These sites are a clear depiction of how Edinburgh and Scotland evolved through time with grace and refinement. This video is a perfect plan for a weekend in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh castle

Serving now as a museum, the Edinburgh castle used to be the residence of the monarchs and later in a time served as the British army’s main base. Built-in 1058, the palace represents picture-perfect architectural beauty and sturdy structure. Famous sections of the castle are St Margaret’s Chapel, the Great Hall, the Half Moon Battery, and the national war memorial made at different times in the past.

The castle is enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage sites for its astounding history and importance in the history of Scotland.

Arthur seat

Arthur’s seat is one of the most incredible landmarks in Scotland. It is the highest point in the hills of Holyrood Park. Climb up the hill and enjoy the astounding panoramic view of the beautiful city. This lush grass-covered elevation is a 40 minutes’ walk until you reach Arthur’s seat. With so many legends associated with this extinct volcano, this is a must-visit place when you are in Edinburgh.

Culross Abbey

Culross Abbey is located thirty minutes from the city of Edinburgh. This intriguing ruin is preserved very well to such an extent that part of it is still being used as a parish church. The broken stone walls of the abbey will take you back to the 6th century and make you think of its reasonably complicated history. Amongst the ruins, you can easily spot the traditional dormitory, kitchen, refectory, and the church built on the hilltop. If you want to see the details visit

Culross Abbey

Linlithgow palace

The Linlithgow palace lies between the Edinburgh Castle and the Stirling Castle. These serene ruins are the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. The castle gives an insight into the domestic life of the royals of Scots. Explore the palace and then enjoy the lush green plains with clear blue water around the castle. It is perfect for a weekend picnic.

Harbor South Queensferry

The fort bridge (railway bridge) on the south Queensferry is an engineering marvel constructed more than a century ago. The bridge is also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. The fourth road bridge was open for the public in 1964. Then we have the beautiful Queensferry Crossing opened in 2017. These three megastructures in the same frame are an exquisite sight to see.

Wrap up

The video just gave you an amazing weekend plan for exploring the city of Edinburgh for its historical significance and picturesque natural beauty. Begin from the Royal mile and and don’t miss out on any of these wonderful sights.

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