Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Favourite TV Show: Outlander

Who doesn’t love a good time travel romance? But will these facts change the way you look at the characters and series?

Movie Adaptation

Before becoming into this hit tv series, the show was supposed to be adapted into a movie based on Diana Gabaldon’s cherished book series. Katherine Heigl playing the role of Claire, this was of course for film adaptation only. But we couldn’t be happier than how the show is today with Catriona Balfe as Claire, a character we all love.

The lead actress isn’t the only one who had a competition, in an interview Diana revealed that she considered Sean Connery and Liam Nesson for the role of Jamie, that was of course for the film adaptation.

In the end we couldn’t agree more to the fact that Sam Heughan was the person born for this role.

Outstanding Reviews

The reviews of this show were outstanding. It was loved not only by the viewers but also was a success in terms of critiques. The show has an imdb rating of 8.4 and a 96% from google users. A board tough to impress is of the “rotten tomatoes” but a 91% on rotten tomatoes? This definitely comes as a shocker to all of us.

But the show was a huge success overall and the love and fanbase for this show wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Controversy with the UK’s PM?

As hard as it might seem to believe it is true that UK’s PM David Cameroon asked Sony pictures to delay the show’s premiere in UK, shown in the leaked emails sent to Sony. The show had aired in the US however, its big entrance in UK was sabotaged.

But the question is, why would the prime minister be interested in a tv series?

There is no evidential proof of it but the pm did contact Sony for delaying it. The independence referendum was going on and the government must have felt a tv series based on Scots’ rebellion against the Britishers, a threat. It was delayed till after the voting, talk about a scandal.

Sets and locations

The theme of series is very rustic and antique. However, the location settings is definitely something that took time to plan for the executives.

The producers planned the dates of shooting of season 4 episodes in which Brianna and roger visit the Scottish games festival when the festival was actually happening in North Carolina the biggest “highland games” festivals is celebrated. Thus, the photoshoot wasn’t staged rather the filming happened with the real festival going on, cool no?

Murtaugh’s Fate

The decision to keep Murtaugh alive was so that Claire and Jamie have someone else from their homes to talk to rather than only themselves, told Robert the executive producer. However, clashes may occur since Jamie and Murtaugh are on the opposite side of war of American revolution. Jamie siding with the Britishers’ might cause a clash with Murtaugh since Jamie has fought previously for the Scottish in “battle of Culloden”.

Sam Hueghen’s time in his “makeup chair”

The actor told in an interview that he spends a lot of time in makeup chair. For starters, he is blonde and has to dye his hair red to match the description of Jamie. Secondly, he needs a lot of makeup since he is always bruised and has wounds on his face and other places.

The actor said that his scars take a lot of time to be done. (At 4:30) he explains the makeup routine, which sounds like a lot work.

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