Reasons to LOVE Outlander

Its not very often we come across a show that is promising and gives us excitement. Watching “outlanders”, we escape the troubles of our life and find ourselves roaming the land of rustic highlanders.

Here’s a few reasons to love outlander series:

Perfect cast

Everyone knows that the book was to be adapted into a movie with a completely different cast. The way this series turned out to be was perfect.

Actors like Caitriona balfe and Sam hueghen are absolutely made for this role. Other roles like Murtagh, Frank, Jack, Laoghaire etc are so perfectly casted. The role of tobias menzeis as frank and jack randall is so intriguing. Its hard to wrap our heads around the fact that they borh are completely opposite.

Still both roles are so convincing that it may not have been possible for any other actor to pull it off quite well.

Set and Location

The setting was done so perfectly that it is very hard to doubt the century in which it is taking place, The level of research and minuscule detail tweaking is everything right in film now.

They didn’t even use the flash Led lights since they give a modern day tone, this much details definitely promises an excellent outcome.

Plot Twists

Every series need to introduce something twisted to maintain the fanbase, however no one does it better than the producers of “outlanders”,

Just when we started thinking in season 1 that Claire had fallen head over heels in love with Jamie, she reminded herself “she has been distracted and need to get back to his husband in her time who is waiting for her”.

Another twist was when Jamie took her to the “craigh na dun”. This is just season one. Her returning to Jamie even after going back in her time after so many years?

All these plot twists just keep the fans excited and hungry for more.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Jamie’s “accidental child”, Brianna not accepting him as a father, the list just keeps on going. Goodluck Finding another season with these many unexpected turn of events.

Unique Handling of Time Traveling

Dianna Gibbens revealed that she was inspired by Dr.Who in terms of time travel, if u don’t know about Dr. Who congrats you have been living under a rock? Unlike other seasons that mix up time travel with too much complexities and witchcraft, this show steered clear of all mumbo jumbo.

One example, SPOILER ALERT! , was when Claire knew she couldn’t change history. She revealed that Culloden will be a victory for the British and not the highlanders, she couldn’t do anything to avoid a major historic event.

Another person who had time travelled was Gillies, she was also from Claire’s time and had fallen through the rocks deliberately, she understood the paradigms of time travel and had actually spent a lot of time studying it.

A few shortcomings

Unfortunately, the season is not only glitters there were a few shortcomings, especially in season 3 and season 4.

In season 3, while the search for Jamie was continued it was far too easy to find him. Which is actually a quite difficult job to find a man who has been dead for over 200 years.

Similarly in season 4, when Brianna went through the rocks she wasn’t ready and came across too many known characters too easily, which seemed a bit off since without GPs or travel companions it is a difficult quest to conquer.

Also, when Robert went looking for Brianna in the 1700s he didn’t quite face a lot of trouble finding her. It was romantic, sure, but we all were expecting a few more hardships for them to face before finding each other.

All in all, it is a series we all love and can definitely ignore a few shortcomings, the ratio of intensities and exciting scenes to minor setback is one in which the latter does not have a superiority.

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