Outlander Stars: Jaime and Claire Fraser: Their REAL Romantic lives

The Outlander TV series has many romantic, seductive and steamy scenes between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jaime Fraser (Sam Heughan).

Some of the scenes are ‘so suggestive’ fans of the show are wondering if they have something going on in real life.

Well, the real life stories of these two stars of the show are a closely guarded secret as both appear to be very private people. Neither of them is too keen for interviews and have usually kept out of social media. In anycase, here is what is known about the two stars.

The real life romance and partners of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

Caitriona Balfe got married to the music producer Tony Mcgill in August 2019. The wedding took place at St Mary’s church in Somerset. And by all accounts, the marriage is strong and thus, all the romantic scenes on the set may appear seductive but have very little inner spice between the two (unless there is something we do not know about).

In 2018, Caitriona when asked about her romantic life said that her real life partner is shy and he rarely talks about her on-TV romantic partner, Sam Heugen. Caitriona has also mentioned that she met Tony Mcgill through a friend’s introduction. The couple have been very private about their personal lives and there is not much known about the two prior to the Outlander series. It is believed that the two were living or having a relationship for a number of years before they decided to tie the knot.

Sam Heughan has been seeing Twins Peak actress Amy Shiels for some time. Based on social media reports the two have known each other for at least ten years. Sam was previously dating MacKenzie Mauzy while he was on the hit TV shows SVU, Law & Order and CSI. As a final note Sam recently stated that being an actor can have a major toll on his personal life. Other than that he has been rather quiet about his past romantic life.


Because of the intensity of the romantic scenes in the Outlander Series, many fans have been wondering if the two have ‘hidden desires‘ for each other outside the set. In 2016, Caitriona did tell ‘E’ that she and Sam were just great friends and for the show to be great, they were both devoting all their emotions into every scene, including the kissing, jugging and cuddling.

Time will tell if the chemistry between him and Caitriona on the set will lead to off-scene romance- in Hollywood that is how it usually ends up.

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