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Outlander Season 5 : Will it be worth all the hype?

If you thought 2020 started off as a rollercoaster, you’d definitely be digging Outlanders 5th season, as the trailer definitely gave all of us the goosebumps we were hoping for.

It is not this often that we come across a series that is promising and gets better every season. However, the time definitely doesn’t “fly” when you are waiting for the next episode to air, but it definitely stops like, a million times. It’s the time of year wear our waiting comes to an end. The first episode of season 5 was aired on 16th February,2020, and it is indeed a season we all have been waiting for anxiously.

The first episode promises us many plot twists, historic events, relationship and the thoughts of going back to the future, and now that roger and Brianna are married and Brie has a son, whose father is Bonnet, a man who forced himself on Brianna, would this be easy on roger? I don’t know about you guys, but our money’s worth is all paid for with that first episode!

First Episodes : What to expect?

With the first episode already on board, it mainly showed the wedding of Brianna and Roger, with the peasants and the masters all coming together to a wedding. Of course, the redcoat officials are at the wedding too, but had the decency to wait until the very next morning to bring up political topics for Jamie. In the last season’s finale, it was revealed that Murtagh Fraser was wanted by the redcoats for causing a rebellion.

This will prove to be a challenging task for Jamie of course, But since his loyalties now lie with the redcoats, it is a task he would have to deal with in most delicate manner.

Cast’s Perspective

The beloved actors are already on board with the tidbits of the new season, describing this season as “promising and full of new adventures”, since it involves the war of independence for America. Thus, on the same note, we can expect not only drama, adventure and epic love tales from this season, but also historic events and war scenes.

In January, we got official inside notes from the lead actors. Tough decisions will follow them and they will be caught between the loved ones and dead end.

Time Travel : Is it happening?

Time Travel, a fascinating topic for any person, is another thing we might experience this season, which would occue as Claire’s insistence on Brie and Roger returning back to their time, since he is a scholar by profession.

Obviously, she understands that he is having a difficult time adjusting in the highlanders’ world and is worried for the safety of her children. His area of expertise never included this type of lifestyle, so we will definitely see some drama in this area.

The American independence history will also be a main highlight of this season, and in this age, who doesn’t love romance mixed with true historic events?

Insider Conclusions

The cute and charming insider videos is what we all live for. In an interview with Syfy wire the actors revealed their favorite moments from the wedding episode. We all envision about the new episodes but the one question engraved on our minds is, “will Jamie hunt down Murtagh? Or will he forfeit to the redcoats?”. Murtagh’s love for Jamie is definitely unquestionable, but will Jamie be able to keep his oath to redcoats for his new land?

Will Brianna and roger return back to their time? Will roger accept the child from his heart or did he just say that out of love for Brianna? All these questions in our mind can only be answered on a weekly basis but we would definitely love some insider news on these topics.

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