Need reasons to watch Outlander? Read this and become addicted…

Watching a season means committing to it even if the quality deteriorates. Looking for a series to binge watch?

Who doesn’t love drama, history and romance? “Outlander” is probably one of the most top-notch television series in its genre.

The story outline, plot twists and character development over the series is what makes “outlander” so unique. The trailer of the series just gives goosebumps to literally anyone who watches it.

Caitriona and co-star Sam Hueghen, posing as highlanders.

Extraordinary setup

The story begins when a military nurse Claire goes away on a second honeymoon with her husband, Frank Randall. Instead of renewing the romance their lives change forever, when Claire travels back in time to mid-1700s.

The season is a journey of a young woman Claire, habitual of living in a modern world with liberties and freedom having to cope with unjust ways of the 18th century. Along the journey she meets new people, James Fraser being one of them. She develops an attachment to the main character Jamie. Fans of the show started rooting for them the minute they both saw each other.

The complexities of her feelings for her husband back in his time, and James Fraser become overwhelming for her until she ties the knot with heart throb highlander, Jamie.

Will passion be enough to keep her from returning to her time? Will she able to forget Frank? Is Frank coping up just fine with his wife gone missing?

Splendid characters

The strong characters in this show is what makes us love it even more and makes us wanna watch the next episode right away. We understand the characters more deeply by every passing episode.

If we look at character of Claire it becomes relatable and stronger every episode. Actors often adapt some features of their character, as much independent woman Caitriona is, she had admitted on multiple platforms that she has learnt a lot from her character. She describes the complexities of her character and how she got used to it without the “pressure from her fanbase”.

Caitriona definitely did justice to Claire, the way she acts in the scenes is mind blowing. She had to adapt the lifestyle of highlanders, the oppressing of women was one thing she never settled for since she was a strong character, even when she fell for Jamie she never settled for unfair terms and that’s what made Clair who she was.

Other than Claire, a character we all fell in love was Jamie Fraser. The actor Sam Heughan is a Scottish by birth and that is shown in his accent of character. His muscular build, handsome personality is hard to not fall for.

Although Claire was married to frank, the fans couldn’t help but vouch for Claire and Jamie. Jamie falls in love with Claire and becomes so much selfless that is ready to leave her? so she could return back to her time, now that’s big and something not seen much on tv.

This scene of season 1 episode 11 was definitely something we did not see coming, yet our hearts melted at it and we all needed this. We can never really get enough of them, can we?

Claire however, doesn’t return in her time when she realizes that Jamie was the love of her life and not frank and she returned to him.

Finale, a show stopper

The season finale was so much intense that one definitely needs a heavy heart to watch it, surely not for the weak hearted fellows. Jamie traded himself for Claire to jack Randall, their sworn enemy. Jack rapes him and brands his wrists, poor Jamie suffering for his love. This event leaves him in a shock and trauma that even later on he couldn’t live like a normal person for a very long time.

Even though the show ended with promising happiness for our favorite couple, it definitely took some time to get over this episode completely.

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