Life Behind the Cameras: Outlander’s Cast Edition

A scene which may look simple to us involves a lot of effort and takes, even the simplest ones.

The cast however enjoys each other’s company as has built a family of their own with their fellow actors. With all of the things going on in 2020 catching up on the adored tv series and their cast is an activity for this year to look forward to.

As fans we can’t just simply wait an entire week for the new episode, instead catching up on the actors and their Instagram’s gives us life. Just a few days ago actor Richard Rankin, who plays roger McKenzie, posted a behind the scenes photo of the cast and we can’t get enough of it.

This is a bts of the wedding episode, the aesthetic nature of this photo is quite exquisite.

The caption where he points out the invitation of the redcoat official, Tim Downie, and makes a comical statement is quite amusing. Since, it has a lot of ties to the actual plot going on this actor really knows how to relate the cast and plot.

The setup of season 2 was quite exquisite compared to others. Lush and luxurious French dresses with corsets definitely was a new thing to experience after the rustic setup of season 1.

Last year Richard also shared a picture of lord John Grey and Brianna enjoying their modern-day sandwich, a lot.

Enough from the new and young generation, our all-time favorite couple’s tidbits still remain number one amusement.

In an interview Sam and Caitriona shared their behind the scene of a photoshoot with entertainment weekly,

The luxury setup and involvement of Jamie with the upper class and political people was a big change. Of course he was aware that the battle at Culloden will be a victory for the Britishers still he was devoted for his homeland, how can someone not love Jamie’s devotion?

Everyone’s aware of the uncomfortable scenes these two had to film together, it was revealed later in a tape that after Caitriona was casted a final “chemistry test” was taken. In which she acted with such passion and devotion that no one could dare question their chemistry.

Due to their amazing on-screen chemistry fans often ship them together and have a hard time believing that there is nothing going on between these two. “Are you guys together in real life?” is probably a question Sam and Caitriona hear in every interview, but they deny it quite graciously leaving fans wondering and only dreaming about their relationship.

Most recently all rumors came to an official end when the star said “ I do” to music producer, Tony McGill, in a private ceremony. The fans were quite happy seeing Caitriona marrying her long-time boyfriend and will finally have to admit that now there is no hope for Claire and Jamie to tie the knot anywhere other than the screen.

Filming Love Scenes

In an interview, before any love making scene, Caitriona was quite positive that they have great on-screen chemistry and that she trusted Sam and he is her friend so she will just have to “make a little shot of whiskey and get to it”, quoted by Caitriona.

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