Outlander Location Hopetoun House South Queensferry Edinburgh Scotland

Hopetoun House is one of the most incomparable settings in Scotland for might events, including celebrations and conferences. Its magnificent architecture appeals tourists from all around the world. if you are wondering how does it look like, check out here

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the magnetism the Hopetoun House has to offer


The Hopetoun House is marvel designed and built by Sir William Bruce, and William Adam is now the home of Marquess of Linlithgow. After a resolution in 1974, the house is being used to serve the nation in various ways. Build in the 18th century; the house characterizes grandeur by enhancing fine architectural structure with a distinctive taste. Every corner of the house echoes the feeling and mastery of its designers. To know more about the history of this architectural whizz, visit

So much to offer

The Hopetoun house is renowned for its versatility. You can enjoy a perfect dinner in the State Dining Room, enjoy an evening in the astounding Ballroom or arrange for a conference in the most sophisticated settings. This house can create numerous memorable events for you. The whole house, including the carriage room, Adam stables, Hopetoun experience, Red drawing room and the tapestry room is beautifully decorated with the fantastic staff at your service. Hopetoun House is an utterly romantic and picturesque place for weddings.

Adams stable and Adam Ballroom are perfect for your big day with the capacity of 160 persons each. If you plan to have a close gathering, the Red Drawing room with a capacity of 60 persons is a great option.

Hopetoun House Grounds

There are 150 acres of lush grounds around the Hopetoun house. The fields are perfect for outdoor activities. The round pond at the back of the house an ideal strolling location. The Hopetoun house is a perfect day trip location. The total area by the rural park covered by the estate is 6500 acres. The grounds have beautiful pathways for perfect strolls, a way to rejuvenate the soul.

Outlanders at Hopetoun House

Several locations of the Hopetoun house have been used in all four seasons of Outlanders. The red drawing room serves as one of the rooms of the home of the Duke of Sandringham. West Lawn of the House was used for the fight between Duke and McDonald clan head. The Stables Tearoom was portrayed as the Parisian market street in the second season. The Outlanders fans can visit the house and live their favourite series for a while.

Outlander at Hopetoun

How to get to Hopetoun house

Hopetoun is certainly unmissable because of its grandeur and beauty. Located 7 miles from the airport and 12 miles from the city centre, the house is easily accessible for everybody. If you are on a visit to Edinburgh, take out some time for this beauty as it is just 13 miles from the capital.

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